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Discover Opportunities

Learn about the client's business, website, and its competitors in order to have clear understanding what to rank. Also diagnose & fix the Google penalty first, if not all efforts to rank such websites will be futile.

  • Project brief: Define client information & business goals
  • Keyword research: Define potential target keywords.
  • SEO audit: Create current baseline for SEO.
  • Competitive analysis: Define SEO competitors.
  • Website Diagnosing: Diagnose for any issues including Google Penalty

The SEO Strategy

Our Experienced Experts carry out a complete technical anaylysis, evaluating search engine friendliness in number of areas including Domain Authority, Trust Flow and Niche Relevance inline with Google guidlines.

Identify problematic issues that need improvement including website up-to-date with the latest developments, and create an action plan to correct them.

  • Technical Anaylysis: Evaluating the search engine friendliness
  • Current Strength: Domain Authority (old PageRank) & Trust Flow
  • Niche Relevance: One of most important factors in SEO to rank.

On-site Optimisation

We will request to make certain changes to your Website structure or content, Your Webdeveloper or you can make the requested changes we will never ask hosting or website admin login details.

With our On Page SEO measures implemented within the website would improve the target keywords position in the search rankings.

On Page SEO measures

  • Create appropriate Xml site map and robots.txt
  • Write or rewrite title and meta description as per guidelines
  • Help in creating Google Search Console (Google webmaster tools) - you would have full control and access.
  • Find & Remove duplicate contents on the website
  • Set appropriate heading structure including H1 to H6
  • Check in-bound and out-bound links and fix broken links

Off-site Optimisation

Off Page SEO would start once the on page seo measures implemented, the process would involve in improving the search engine friendliness of the website by building authority and trust in accondince to the Guildlines issued by search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo.

This is the main process of SEO where the organic search rankings improve the position of a web site in the search engine results page above its competitors. When the website starts to ranks for more relevent keywords in page 1 - "Greater Visibility" - more organic visitors/traffic one would get from people searching on web.

  • Domain Authority:Authority brand building to the required level of DA
  • Trust Flow:Increasing trustworthiness of the website to the required level while keeping a check on Trust Flow/Citation Flow Ratio
  • Niche Relevance: Making the site more relevant to Niche and improving relevance factor more then the competitor websites.

Data Mining Analysis

Using Data generated by from various seo tools including SEMrush, Ahrefs, Moz, Majestic, Longtail PRO and Google Search Console, Google Keyword Planner etc. We analyse its potential impact on the website performance and prioritise in finding and fixing technical search engine optimisation issues with various datamining techniques designed to increase visibility thereby giving you the best enhanced ROI (Return of Investment) and ROTI (Return of Time Invested).

We analyse your competitors' search traffic and see what keywords they rank, and we will Outrank and make your website appear above your competition.

We Provide 100% Transparent Search Engine Optimisation

Monitor all the ranking improvements from Your website's Google Search Console

Measure and Monitor all the ranking improvements from Google Search Console (Google Webmaster Tools) without the need to use or believe in any 3rd party seo ranking tools (many are not accurate when checked manually in Google). 100% transparent seo service provided

  • Rely on an experienced and knowledgeable team
  • No minimum contract period required
  • 100% Refund if NO ranking improvement within first 120 Days*
  • UK SEO Company with its registered office in London

* A screenshot of Performance and link tab of the website from Google Search Console should be uploaded to client control panel and add us as a user before starting the seo process to qualify for Money Back Guarantee or Refund. Ranking improvement means showing better results in terms of ranking for more keywords, impressions and website having more links in first 120 days.

SEO Serivces Frequently Asked Questions

Everyone wants to be on the first page of Google as 70% of visitors do not go beyond page 1 of search results, the process of getting there is Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).

The SEO process involves increasing the visibility of a website by improving rankings in the algorithmic search engine results which in turn converts to quantity and quality of traffic to a website through organic search engine results.

The process is very slow and time consuming and search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo display web pages it considers authoritative and relevant to the search term also know as keyword. Authority is mostly measured by analysing more than 100 factors.

Every business will not need SEO in fact there are many companies, services or shops even without a website, such services will never need a seo as they have nothing to rank for.


But if you have website and want many internet users to see your website or know more about your company, business or services then your website will need to be on page 1 of search engine results else you will be losing our to others as your competitors are already doing it, the longer you leave it, the more ground you lose to them.

It’s not impossible to rank on Google, but if there are 20 websites selling a similar product or service also having similar content on the pages. Now Google must sort according to a score from algorithms analysing more than 100 factors and if your website scores better than other websites then you will rank 1st in the search results.


According to NOMINET there are 12m registered domains alone, these days there are thousands of websites that compete to outrank each other. The chances of ranking even a normal local keyword with less than 100 searches per month is nearly zero without SEO.

The simple answer is NO, an SEO company cannot run your business, nor they have the knowledge or domain expertise in running operations of a company, else they would be running a similar one like yours.

Good SEO Agencies are experts in knowing how to out-rank your competitors and rank for relevant keywords, web users search for in search engines like Google, for example, a web user searches for a keyword “cheap holiday deals” in and your website is ranking on page 1.


Approximately 17,000 people search this keyword in a month in UK and the chances of some clicking a website from page 1 is around 70% (12,000) have a chance of visiting your website, a 1st rank position is worth 30% of the clicks --- 5000 visits.


With 5000 people visiting your website how many will buy products or services on the website????


That depends on many factors like kind of product/service, price, quality, trust, brand and reviews etc… which a SEO company cannot control, but one can generally predict more visits would bring more sales.

Its bit difficult to put an exact amount to spend on SEO, let’s say you want to buy a Car --- the cost can vary from a £1k to a 300k, it depends on many factors like brand, size, engine etc…

For SEO there 3 main factors to consider

1) Search term or keyword – how many searches this keyword is searched in a month, more the number of searches the more expensive it is. Also, more keywords you want to rank also increases the price.


2) Keyword Difficulty – how many websites or competitors are trying to rank this search term based on that will increase cost of SEO.


3) Ranking Faster – faster you want to rank will increase the cost, one should note time is calculated in weeks or months not in days for SEO, a minimum of six months is required to see any significant results. For new websites the time is still longer, and one should not attempt to rank highly competitive keywords for new websites for the first year.


Ascertaining what the business needs are is the most important step in SEO process, ranking for a search terms in London will not help when you have any business in Manchester or cannot get to London. Ranking a local keyword would be lesser then trying to rank a keyword at national level.

Traffic that is generated from search engine results that is naturally earned from ranking in search pages is Organic traffic, this kind of traffic will stick for very long time, but to rank naturally is time consuming and difficult to do without the knowledge or expertise of Search Engine Optimisation.

Whereas traffic from search engine results that is the result of paid advertising via Google AdWords or another paid search platform is Paid traffic. The advantage of this traffic is that you would be able to rank immediately and only pay when someone clicks your ads, also this does not require knowledge of Search Engine Optimisation.

There are few drawbacks of paid traffic, it is very expensive to be on the top and once you stop paying the website visibility drops to zero. Your competitors can click on your ads and make you pay more and push you out of the search results once day’s cap is hit, ads will not be visible for rest of the day for normal search visitors.

We only work with Organic SEO process and do not involve in paid traffic or Google AdWords setup like many SEO agencies do offer such services.

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We Provide 100% Transparent Search Engine Optimisation with Money Back Guarantee and no marketing tricks or lengthy contract agreements.

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